Stanford University’s Sustainable Urban Systems Initiative has re-branded for the 2019-2020 academic year. Note the following changes.

  • The XYZ core sequence will continue to be offered, but with a new name and design. The Autumn (X) course will be similar to last year, focused on fundamental concepts and data skills. You are welcome to enroll in any of the following: CEE 118X, CEE 218X, ESS 118X, ESS 218X, GEOLSCI 118X, GEOLSCI 218X, GEOPHYS 118X, GEOPHYS 218X, PUBLPOL 118X, POLISCI 224X, and you will be notified when an updated syllabus is available. We do not yet have specific projects to announce for the Winter (Y) and Spring (Z) quarters.

  • The SUS Seminar (CEE 224S) will no longer be offered in any quarter. Note that many guest speakers from practice will be incorporated into the X course (above), and the Initiative may organize individual seminars throughout the academic year that are not tied to course credit.

  • The course taught by guest lecturers from SPUR titled “Urban Development and Governance” will still be offered in the Winter, but has been changed to the following course numbers: CEE 136, CEE 236, PUBLPOL 130, PUBLPOL 230, URBANST 130. Also note that the course now satisfies the Writing in the Major requirement for undergraduates.

  • The Sustainable Design & Construction Concentration in Sustainable Urban Systems is not expected to change. Please reach out directly to your degree advisor if you have questions.